LED Balloon Light

Perfect for roadworks, worksites & leisure use

Our LED Balloon Light consists of LED Panel Lights surrounded by a balloon-shaped nylon cover. The cover inflates to its distinctive shape when the light is switched on and the cooling-fans engage. Made of translucent coated nylon, our light covers create glare-free lighting that improves safety and comfort whether used on work sites or for leisure activities. Our expertly crafted LED Panel Lights feature long life spans and consume significantly less power than traditional lights used for similar applications. 

LED Balloon Light

Portable & Compact​

Easy Setup​

360 Degree Illumination​

Voltage: AC 100-240V
Frequency: 50.60Hz
Operating Amperage: 1.9A/3.5A
Height: 2810mm max
Weight, Lamp & Tripod: 15.6kg
Colour Temperature: 5,000K
Product Dimensions: 820mmx630mmx8.5mm

LED Balloon Light

MIDI LED Balloon Light Dimensions

Our glare-free LED Balloon Lights are perfect for roadworks as they won’t impede the vision of drivers and create ample illumination for workers. Not only do they turn night into day, but they are energy efficient and easily connect to generators. Our lights are quick and easy to install so that workers can get to the job at hand. From
parties and sporting events to camping trips, our LED Balloon Lights are
indispensable for any night-time outdoor activity.

Balloon folds up for convenient storage



The MIDI LED Balloon light standard package includes:




Light Carry Bag


Tripod Carry Bag

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