Heatshrink Kit Dual Wall

$107.42 inc.GST

Part Number: DW-KIT Category
  • Available in assortment kits, cut length packs and rolls.
  • Adhesive lining for ultra secure connection from cable to connector & protection against harsh environment.
  • Wide range of shrink ratios and sizes.
  • Flame retardant & mechanically tough.
  • Lightweight & flexible.
  • Custom lengths available for all 3:1 Dual Wall Heatshrink.

Material : Polyolefin
Shrink Temperature : 95°C
Thick Wall 105°C
Dielectric Strength : >15kV/mm
Medium Wall >20kV/mm
Operating Temperature : Dual Wall -55°C to 80°C
Medium Wall, Thick Wall -55°C to 110°C

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)