Marine Rated Battery Fuse Holder Kit

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Part Number: __MRBF-FH1 Category
  • Designed for the most demanding environments providing high current protection.
  • Suitable for main and auxiliary circuit protection such as alternator outputs, starter motor inputs and accessory circuits.
  • Breaking capacities meet the requirements of conventional vehicle batteries, and 12V, 24V, 42V electrical networks.
  • Suitable for automotive and marine applications.
  • Colour-coded to current rating.
  • Made in North America.

Max. Voltage Rating : 58V
Interrupt Rating : 10,000A @ 14V
Body : Ceramic
Housing & Cover : UL-Rated 94V0 Thermoplastic
Ingress Protection : IP66
Approvals : ISO 8820-6

Available Options

Marine Rated Battery Fuse Holder Kit- SINGLE-3$25.64
Marine Rated Battery Fuse Holder Kit- DOUBLE0$34.46