VSR 24 V 100A - Voltage Sensing Relay

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The Voltage Sensitive Relay (VSR) allows two batteries to be charged at the same time. It will automatically prioritise the charging of the start battery in twin battery systems. When the engine is first started the relay is open and remains open until the start battery has reached a preset 13.7 volts for 12 volt systems and 27.4 volts for 24 volt systems. At the rated voltage the relay closes providing charge to both batteries (start and house). When the voltage drops below 12.8 volts (when the engine is stopped), the VSR disengages, separating the batteries.

This system eliminates the possibility of draining the start battery and protects electronics powered by the house battery from harmful engine starting spikes. A VSR has no voltage drop as opposed to conventional charge diode isolators. Surface mounted, 5mm roundhead screws.

A dual sensing VSR is also available. This model allows the unit to sense the voltage of both batteries that it is connected between. If either battery is receiving a charge, the VSR will activate, parallelling the two battery banks. It is designed for applications where a battery charger or second charging source is connected into the house battery.

• Base size 69×69
• Height: 50mm

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