Rhino Rack

rhino rack

Rhino Rack

Roadrunner Parts is a proud distributor of Rhino-Rack for their highest quality Australian made roof-racks.

For selecting the right product for you, Roadrunner Parts recommends using the official links for the Rhino-Racks vehicle selector or online catalogue below.

What are they made of?

Rhino-Rack products are made of the highest quality, Australian produced materials.The legs are manufactured from UV stabilised glass reinforced nylon. The cross bars are extruded structural aluminum available in silver or black. All other components are stainless steel or have an anti-corrosive coating.

rhino rack pioneer platform

How much can they carry?

This varies considerably from vehicle to vehicle, so always check the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. Gutter Mount legs are rated to 100kg per pair of crossbars. Removable rack systems to suit gutter-less type vehicles using the Rhino Mont Blanc(RMB) bars are usually rated to 75kg per pair of crossbars. (Ref Fitting Guide) While the Track Mount systems are rated to 100kg per pair of crossbars, the capacity restriction is relative to the roof of the vehicle not the roof racks.

Mounting your Rhino Rack

Rhino-Rack has a permanent Track Mount system which allows for adjustable bar positioning. The Rhino Fixed Mount system is mounted in one set position and used on vehicles with limited mounting area or load positions. We have also incorporated Mont Blanc’s range of fully removable gutter-less style end supports into our Heavy Duty range. So if your vehicle has no gutters, it shouldn’t be a problem!

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